A true friend from the Kuril Islands!
Inimitable handsome men!
A rare feline character!


Good day friends ! I am glad to welcome you on the website of the monobreed kennel of Kuril bobtails
Meow Meow (My Meow). The nursery is registered on WCF system and
it is a part of the Moscow Felinological club of Russia.

If you are on our site that means somewhere or from someone heard about the Kuril Bobtail. I personally heard in the first transmission in the animal World in the nineties.

It so impressed me that when there was an opportunity to make the house Friend, I began to look for “this” breed of cats. Why “this”, because not was called in program rocks nor as. It was said only that cats live on the Kuril Islands and on the mainland taken from expeditions by enthusiastic scientists, sailors. And then told about their uniqueness.

Official community of breeders recognized Kurilov breed recently. First time standard a new breed adopted autumn 1991 10 years later, in 2001, was approved modern his version of.

Smoked to name just a cats very difficult. This is a truly special category of animals. Conventionally, they are called catdog, homemade lynx. Selflessly devoted, very clever, affectionate not when they want love, and when you have time, patient with young children, dogs do not just get along, and friends, and many, many things I can say about them. I love and respect my Pets.

On the page “Kittens for sale” I post photos and description of the kids who can become your future family members. Two months pass kids club registration control. And in three months can fully adapted to independent life to move into a new house with a full package of documents. With great pleasure I will tell about each cub. Call, come, I will be very glad to our acquaintance.


Sincerely, Marina Kashleva, head of the nursery Moy Meow.

Sincerely, Marina Kashleva, head of the nursery Moy Meow.